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Incorporated in 2000, RTComm.RU JSC is a leader in the Russian telecommunications market and center of the satellite competence in the Rostelecom group of companies.  

The satellite access provided by RTComm.RU JSC is a significant element of building corporate networks, especially for the companies featuring a widespread branch network. 

The RTComm.RU group of companies includes the companies providing services intended for the strategic stability of client businesses. 

RTComm.RU JSC has one of the most far-reaching satellite networks in Russia, thus, it is able to provide clients with the satellite-based access in the most hard-to-reach places and remote territories. 

RTCOMM operates eight central land satellite communication stations in the Ku-band servicing more than 9,000 VSAT terminals. RTCOMM uses the equipment of the leading world manufacturers such as Hughes Network Systems and Gilat Satellite Networks to provide prime services.

RTCOMM uses the Russian segment of the Globalstar satellite system (GlobalTel JSC), including 32 low-earth-orbit satellites and 3 satellite access stations located near Moscow, in Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk, to provide services of mobile satellite communication and M2M.