Registration Partner

ISATEL LLC, a subsidiary of the Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications, was established in August of 2003. The company provides a full spectrum of services, ranging from the project audit and pre planning inspections, networks and communication sites design, supplies the equipment, performs various deployment and installation tasks, commissioning and maintenance of the communication sites and networks.

Our partners highly evaluate the efficiency, reliable quality of the works and services and adequate pricing that are provided by Isatel. And Isatel is doing the best to help its clients to evolve and expand their businesses.


  • Broadband Internet access networks, VPN services (VSAT);
  • Provision of the dedicated satellite links (SCPC);
  • Teleport services;
  • Telematic services;
  • Communication channels backup;
  • Design and survey work, installation and commissioning of the satellite earth stations;
  • Services for obtaining the necessary qualification and permissive documents that are necessary for a client’s satellite earth stations;
  • Maintenance of a client’s networks, 24/7 support hotline, outsourcing a client’s satellite networks;
  • Provision of the satellite equipment for rent;
  • Testing of mobile networks and equipment, including LTE.