Joint stock company "AMTEL-SVYAZ" (since 2022, part of the ROSATOM State Corporation) is one of the leading Russian satellite communications operators, which provides a wide range of telecommunications services based on modern VSAT technologies. Over 18 years of successful work in the Russian satellite communications market, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable partner and has implemented thousands of projects in various sectors of the economy, as well as at enterprises of the state and social sectors.

AMTEL-SVYAZ offers a universal line of product solutions in the field of communications and telecommunications, corresponding to the needs of customers:
• high-speed internet access;
• VSAT solutions for sea and river vessels.
• collective access systems for shift workers
• corporate data networks;
• dedicated and redundant SCPC and VSAT communication channels;
• turnkey mobile VSAT;
• supply of equipment, commissioning and repair and restoration work;
• equipment maintenance and round-the-clock technical support

A distinctive feature is satellite channel-forming equipment supplied as part of the service for the entire time of use. The activities of AMTEL-SVYAZ JSC are fully licensed by regulatory and certification bodies. AMTEL-SVYAZ implements projects using Central Earth Stations on the platform of iDirect Technologies and Hughes Network Systems. The company uses the Spacecraft "Express-AM5", "Express-AM6", "Express-AM7", "Express-AM8", "Express-103", "Yamal-401", "Yamal-402", which provide full coverage of the entire territory of the Russian Federation as well as all border sea zones and the Northern Sea Route.