InterKamService LLC was founded in 1998 as a regional operator offering services in the Kamchatka Territory, specializing in satellite and fixed-line communications, as well as broadband access.

InterKamService LLC operates across the entire region, utilizing its own backbone communication networks and collaborating with other operators.

The company’s total market share, including its subsidiaries, spans various business segments and ranges from 24% to 35%.

The company’s business structure includes a dedicated division responsible for constructing fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL) in the region. This division boasts a substantial portfolio of ongoing and completed projects for both external clients (e.g., Rostelecom PJSC, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network, and the "big three" operators) and its own needs. The construction project for the Atlasovo-Anavgay-Esso FOCL was successfully completed in September 2020.

The company’s business model does not imply the use of borrowed funds, resulting in a zero current credit load and the execution of the investment program solely through its own resources.

Extensive experience in constructing communication lines and facilities, as well as providing integrated and comprehensive solutions, ensures successful execution of projects of varying complexity.

The company’s growth strategy is rooted in developing its own infrastructure and transitioning from satellite backbone communication channels to FOCL. Currently, the company is considering a phased construction of FOCL along the Anavgai-Ust-Kharyuzovo-Tigil-Palana-Osora route, which would span approximately 750 km of backbone networks. Simultaneous construction of distribution networks using PON technology in the specified locations with full coverage will enable one to connect subscribers from all segments under a unified regional tariff plan. This can be achieved with various financing options for construction or subscriber tariffs provided by regional authorities.

The project is planned to be implemented in the period from 2021 to 2023. The total funding allocated for construction amounts to 650 million rubles.