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National Association of Broadcasters (NAT)
The National Association of Broadcasters (NAT) is Russia's largest professional non-profit association of broadcasting companies. The organization was established on August 31, 1995. NAT consists of more than 600 federal and commercial companies, organizations and institutions. 
NAT defends the rights and interests of broadcasting companies at the federal and regional levels by participating in the development of legislative bases for mass media and mass communications, programs for the development of digital TV technologies, and the improvement of licensing procedures for broadcasting.
The main projects and events of the association: 
· NAT international congress, 
· NATEXPO international exhibition of professional video technologies
· “Vkluchaisya!” festival of children's television
· “Geroy nashevo vremeni” is the festival of socially important television programs and television films 
· “Golden Ray”, the National Award in the field of satellite, cable and internet television
· “Zvorykin award”, award named after Zvorykin for achievements in the field of television development
· NAT Academy is the series of training seminars for top managers of regional TV and radio companies

The Association supports the largest events in the broadcasting industry - conferences, exhibitions, festivals, including international ones.

NAT President - Eduard Mikhailovich Sagalaev.