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JSC Kaliningrad Amber Combine
JSC Kaliningrad Amber Combine is the only company in Russia that conducts industrial amber mining and the largest in the world. In 2013, the company came under the control of State Corporation Rostec by order of the president of the Russian Federation.

Kaliningrad Amber Combine is a full cycle company. It is the flagship of Russia's amber industry. The combine is integrated into the international amber and amber product manufacturing and turnaround. The company accounts for 65% of the global amber market.

The Kaliningrad Amber Combine is located in the settlement of Yantarny in Kaliningrad Oblast, where 90% of the global reserve of amber is concentrated.

The amber mined is more than 50m years old. Mining is conducted in an open pit mine in Primorsky Quarry, the largest amber Quarry in the world. Every year, the amber combine mines an average of 450 tonnes of raw amber. As one of the largest regional taxpayers, the Kaliningrad Amber Combine makes a substantial contribution to the sustainable development of Kaliningrad Oblast.