General Partner

Founded in 1971, Intersputnik is an international intergovernmental organization, which today unites 26 countries. The organization’s mission is to contribute to the strengthening and development of economic, scientific, technical, cultural and other relations by communications, radio and television broadcasting via satellites and to ensure cooperation and coordination of the efforts of the members of the organization in the design, establishment, operation and development of the Intersputnik international satellite telecommunications system. Intersputnik’s unique status allows the organization doing business based on international cooperation. 

The organization has access to the resources of most satellite operators across the world and major satellite communications systems, including ABS, Azerspace, Belintersat, Eutelsat, Intelsat, SES, Turkmen Hemrasy, Express, and Yamal. Intersputnik provides the users located on all continents with the capacity of geostationary and non-geostationary satellites and the whole range of up-to-date satellite telecommunications and broadcasting services including the deployment of corporate and civil government satellite networks, cellular backhaul, broadband Internet access, communications on the move, as well as TV distribution networks in any geographic location. Through its subsidiary Isatel, Intersputnik offers turn-key, end-to-end and managed services encompassing deployment and operation of satellite communications networks, including ground infrastructure.

Owing to its status of an intergovernmental organization, Intersputnik files to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) frequency assignments to satellite networks on various orbits in order to implement projects aimed at establishing satellite communications systems in cooperation with the member countries and signatories of the organization and other partners.