International conference of operators and users of the satellite communications network in Russia

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Dear Colleagues!

The XXIV international conference of operators and users of the satellite communications network in Russia “SatComRus 2019” will be held in St. Petersburg on October 3, 2019 at the Central Museum of Communications named for A.S. Popov (CMS) (4, Pochtamtsky Pereulok).

The main theme of SatComRus 2019 is “Satellite communications for a digital economy”.

It is beyond any doubt today that building a digital economy requires reliable high-quality communications. Satellites will play a key role in the digitalization effort due to the provision of unique coverage of vast territories both in the Russian Federation and around the world. SatComRus 2019 participants are invited to discuss the convergence of the Russian telecom and space industry in digitalizing the economy, the role of the satellites in the development of 5G, new approaches to the development of promising GEO and LEO constellations of communication satellites, as well as trends in the development of television in the era of Industry 4.0.

The Conference program includes four sessions:
  • Plenary session. Tasks and prospects of the Russian telecom and space industry in the process of digitalizing the economy.
  • Session 1. Satellite communications in the world today. Trends in the development of digital economy: the place of satellite operators in the 5G ecosystem.
  • Session 2. Television in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. How does the television industry adapt to the new technological reality?
  • Session 3. From the GEO to new orbits for multi-satellite communication systems.

The Conference attendees will be the first to see the exhibition of Vasya Lozhkin, a popular contemporary artist, which will open on this day at the Center for Contemporary Arts. The exhibit will feature his works, including those on the subjects of telecom, high - tech and outer space.

More information about the program SatComRus 2019 and the terms of participation can be found on the Conference website

For the first time this year, participation in the Conference is free for attendees (no more than two representatives from each company).

It is expected that SatComRus 2019 will be traditionally attended by domestic and international satellite operators, TV and radio companies and broadcasters, system integrators, leading manufacturers of communication satellites and telecommunications equipment, representatives of financial institutions and insurance companies, as well as analysts from major Russian and international agencies, and the media.

We invite you to become a partner or a participant of the SatComRus 2019 Conference.

The RSCC partner in preparing the Conference and its technical operator is Isatel LLC.
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Yu.V. Prokhorov,
RSCC Director General
More details about the Conference, as well as an application for participation, are available at

Contact phone: +7 (495) 730 04 50 (Denis Sukhorukov, Svetlana Salnikova).

On matters of delegate and partner participation in the Conference, please contact Natalia Kamotskaya (tel. +7 903 282 96 54, e-mail: ).

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