22th Annual Conference of Operators and Users of Satellite Communication and Broadcasting Network in Russia

Dear Colleagues,

The 22nd international conference of operators and users of the Russian Federation satellite communications network "SATCOMRUS 2017" will be held on November 1, 2017 in the Moscow Four Seasons hotel (Moscow, 2, Okhotny Ryad Street).

In 2017, the Russian satellite communications operator “Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC)” celebrates its anniversary. "SATCOMRUS 2017" will be the main event in a series of events timed to the 50th anniversary of regular satellite television broadcasting services in our country and the emergence of what was to become one of the largest satellite operators in the world.

The main theme of the 2017 conference is 50 years in orbit: from evolution of ideas to revolutionary technologies. Speakers and participants of the "SATCOMRUS 2017" Conference will discuss the transformation models of the modern satellite communications industry against the backdrop of growing competition among operators, the tumbling prices in the international market and the urgent need for innovation to support development of satellite services in order to build new business in new niches and increase the customer base.

The program of the conference features four sessions:

• Plenary session: Transformation of the satellite communications industry.
• Development of space infrastructure.
• Innovations in ground equipment.
• The broadcasting market in the new economic and technological realities.

The “Program” section contains more details about the "SATCOMRUS 2017" program and the issues to be discussed at its sessions.

SATCOMRUS 2017 will be attended by domestic and foreign satellite operators, TV and radio companies and broadcasters, system integrators, leading manufacturers of communications satellites and telecommunications equipment, financial institutions and insurance companies, analysts of the largest Russian and international agencies, as well as journalists.

We invite you to become a partner or participant of the Anniversary Conference "SATCOMRUS 2017".

RSCC’s Partner for the preparation of the Conference and its technical operator is ROSTRA DIALOG LLC.
Yours faithfully,
Yuri Prokhorov, RSCC Director General
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Application for participation in SATCOMRUS-2017
Contacts: +7 (495) 730 04 50 (Svetlana SAL’NIKOVA, Marina GANINA).
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