1 ноября, Москва

23rd International SАTCOMRUS 2018 Conference
SMART SATELLITE: Ideas and Innovations

Date: Oct 03, 2018
Venue: Digital Business Space (DBS), Moscow, 47 Pokrovka str.

09:15 Participants sign-in. Welcome coffee

10:00 Plenary session: Advanced communication satellite technologies for Russia’s digital transformation

  • Developing and upgrading Russia’s satellite infrastructure for the successful implementation of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, dated 07.05.2018, No. 204 “On the national goals and strategic objectives of the Russian Federation development for the period up to 2024”, and The Russian Federation Digital Economy program
  • The global challenges facing the Russian satellite communication companies, and major development vectors in the world market
  • Maintaining continuity of satellite communication and broadcasting services in the context of further development of Russia’s orbital constellation; searching for new growth areas in various sectors of economy
  • The role of satellite communication operators and other players from the space industry in the new ecosystem of digital economy
  • Lack of quality expertise in the satellite communications industry. Training highly skilled experts and the new generation engineers for Russia’s digital economy.
11:30 Coffee-break

12:00 Session 1. Express RV Project to boost satellite communications market

  • Express RV multifunctional satellite communication system is the space industry’s response to the vital demands from economy and society at the time of digital transformation
  • The main objectives of Express RV Project
  • Marketable implementation based on Express RV spacecraft
  • Technical aspects of building an Express RV constellation in a high elliptical orbit
  • Specific aspects of employing HEO and GEO satellites on the Russian Federation territory.
12:00 – Splinter Session #Space Campus: Ingenious ideas and the gifted young people for the satellite communications industry (professionals having meetings and discussions with students from industrial colleges and young professionals).

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Session 2. VSAT’s role and place in the growth of digital economy

  • VSAT projects significance for achieving geopolitical, social and economic objectives at the time of digital transformation in the Russian society.
  • New markets for VSAT technologies, including IoT
  • The results of implementing a satellite broadband Internet access project in Russia and its future development
  • New ideas, projects and hardware from the VSAT technologies market players.
16 00 Coffee-break

16:30 Session 3. Satellite broadcasting. Trends and Innovations

  • Transformation of media consumption subject to the Industry 4.0 growth
  • Development of technologically effective and flexible media platforms providing unhindered access to content
  • The growing importance of technologically effective content aggregators in shaping the modern media environment.
17:30 SATCOMRUS Awards Ceremony

17:50 Conference wrap-up

18:00 Buffet
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